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07 05 2024

The aim of ACE-EX is to help to develop Circular Economy Experts in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The Circular Economy Expert is a multidisciplinary professional who guides enterprises toward more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The project is also dedicated to developing innovative tools to ensure the high-quality, recognised, and transferable training, facilitating practical knowledge application across all EU contexts

ACE-EX has a prestigious partnership of 20 organisations, representing 9 European countries and over 200,000 companies.

General objectives

The overall objective of ACE-EX is to support the agricultural and industrial sectors in transitioning to Circular Economy practices in alignment with the European Green Deal guidelines, contributing to sustainable growth and combating climate change.

It aims to support the agricultural and industrial sectors in the change towards a Circular Economy and to facilitate the transformation to ‘green’ chemistry by utilising and valorising agricultural waste and by-products. The project promotes high-quality, interactive, multidisciplinary training that encourages an innovative, sustainable, smart entrepreneurial mindset. It supports learners in developing skills, including digital ones, easily applicable in different sectors and thus representing valuable assets for their professional careers.

Specific objectives

  • The project aims to enhance the qualifications of professionals in agriculture and industry, particularly in oil, wine, and cereal production, through advanced training on utilizing production waste or surpluses to create new products or innovate business procedures.
  • This will be accomplished through an innovative and interdisciplinary training program that includes virtual reality-based training modules.
  • ACE-EX envisages the creation of an open access and flexible learning pathway, offering the possibility of obtaining certifications at EQF Levels 4 and 5. The training opportunity will be available online for professionals residing in one of the nine countries within and outside the European Union. The program ensures continuous access to updated study materials and aims to extend its scope to EQF Level 6 (equivalent to a Professional Degree). In addition, the course aims to develop interdisciplinary digital and environmental skills that are transferable and applicable in various professional contexts.
  • Implementing a methodology to help professionals have their previously acquired competencies recognized, ensuring alignment with national accreditation bodies.
  • To certify professionals specialising in the application of Circular Economy principles within the agricultural and industrial sectors. This expertise will not only elevate individual employability but also to make companies more profitable. In particular, it is aimed for companies operating in the wine, oil, cereals, cosmetics, and agro-industrial recycling industries, allowing them to apply and benefit from Circular Economy practices.

General objectives

Direct targets

  • Students/young people not in education, employment or training (NEET)
  • Agricultural/industrial professional workers
  • Entrepreneurs/apprentices and skilled workers

Indirect targets

  • Trade associations
  • Public institutions
  • Schools and training centres
  • Civil society stakeholders
  • Society

Specific objectives

ACE-EX works to renew the European agricultural and industrial sector by stimulating the assimilation of skills related to sustainable methodologies and the Circular Economy.

The results the project pursues derive from an interdisciplinary method combining innovation, training and cooperation.
With the joint action of its international partners, ACE-EX is realising a training pathway that incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to address environmental challenges, promote sustainability and enhance the skills of professionals in the agricultural and industrial sectors, outlining a more efficient and sustainable future for the entire industry.


  • Report on Circular
  • Economy Practices
  • Matrix of Qualifications
  • Training Programme
  • Virtual Simulation
  • ACE-EX Certification
  • ACE-EX Brand
  • MOOC platform with training modules

The Consortium

Project applicant

ITS Nuove Tecnologie per la vita (IT)


OpenCom (IT) – University of Thessaly (EL) – Cámara Valencia (ES) – AINIA (ES)
NTI-MMM (NO) – WIAB (AT) – Softcare Studios (IT) – Patrimonio Natural de Catilla y León (ES) – Waste Management and Recycling Cluster (PL) – National Qualification Agency (UA) – Fthiotida Chamber (EL) – Confagricoltura (IT) – Euromasc (NO)
European Chemical Regions Network (BE) – SPŠCHI (CZ) – Fagskolen (NO) – IES Federico García Lorca (ES)
KhNU of Economics (UA)

Agricultura Circular Economy Expert

Project nr. 101110547

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